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Smart meters for any kind of consumptions!

Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control
. . .be smart

• Monitoring for electricity, water, gas, heat ...
• Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, CO2, TDS, pH ...
• One interface for all resources
• Free cloud data server
• Wireless network interface Wi-Fi
• Dashboard for data visualization
• One-minute data details
• Remote load management
• API Tools for developers
• MQTT client interface


Smart meter smart-MAIC


smart-MAIC devices will help to analyze the consumption of electricity, water, gas, heat, to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, light, wind, CO2, TDS, pH and any other resources, conditions and events.
The lineup is represented by Energy meters for constant measurement of electrical grid data and energy consumption, universal impulse meters for measuring water, gas, heat, temperature and humidity sensors, water quality sensors, light and wind sensors and many others.
All resources, states and events in one interface!

Smart meter smart-MAIC


To analyze and visualize the data, just use the smart-MAIC Dashboard WEB application , which is available in a regular Internet browser, as well as the application for Windows, Android and iOS platforms. The user can flexibly configure widgets of indicators and charts, a large number of dashboards and connect many devices to one account. All collected data are stored on a cloud server with minute detail. When working in real time, the data is updated every 5 seconds. The MQTT remote client and API interface are available free of charge for integration with third-party systems.

Smart meter smart-MAIC
Smart meter smart-MAIC


After completing the installation and initial setup, the smart-MAIC device will begin converting the measured parameters into the information which will be sent using Wi-Fi or cellular connection to the cloud data server. Special settings for operating the device are not necessary, the meter connects to the cloud data server by itself and provides bi-directional exchange of information.
All the devices are made in a universal case which allows them to be fixed on a DIN rail. To manage an external load, each device has a relay with a "dry contact".


The product lineup of smart-MAIC devices is represented by solutions for monitoring any events, conditions and processes. One and three lines power monitors with a ring or removable current transformers, pulse meters with temperature sensors and an analog input. For the complex solution, we recommend that you pay attention to third-party products that integrate with smart-MAIC devices - water, heat, fuel meters, sensors for gas meters and other flow meters with pulse outputs. For more information about additional products that integrate with intelligent smart-MAIC counters, visit our Support Center.  Learn more »

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Information is a key resource for making a decision, so it will be useful to store all the data collected from your devices on a cloud server with minute detailing and with no time limits. Access to the cloud server and historical data for analysis and visualization can be obtained from the personal cabinet in the WEB application smart-MAIC Dashboard which is available in a regular Internet browser and like the application for Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

The smart-MAIC Dashboard application provides the ability to monitor current readings and visualization of historical data, for which various widgets of indicators and graphs are available. A full-featured free version for home users will allow to work with two devices and two dashboards, while by extended subscription PROF or BUSINESS you will obtain an unlimited number of dashboards and devices connected to one account. Payment for the selected subscription is done from the personal cabinet after registration in the smart-MAIC Dashboard application.

Special offers for new users:
• When registering with smart-MAIC Dashboard, the BUSINESS version of the subscription is activated for a 30-day period.
• Each new smart-MAIC device registration extends the current subscription period for another 30-day period.

  • 2 Devices
  • 2 Dashboards
  • Event Notification
  • -
  • -


  • 10 Devices
  • 10 Dashboards
  • Event Notification
  • Edit the data
  • -

11 €/year

  • 100 Devices
  • 100 Dashboards
  • Event Notification
  • Edit the data
  • Server's API

33 €/year


Use the smart-MAIC Support system with the friendly and multilingual interface, an access for calls from mobile devices, quick filters and sorting requests by category and status.
You can make use of the  Knowledge Base »  with detailed documentation and descriptions, a Forum » , an online chat room and a user support portal. Search for the answer to your question, and if you fail to find it, ask. Share your knowledge, instructions, tricks and useful tips for other users.

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